Matsumura Family Kobujutsu Course

The Matsusoden Kobukan presents the first ever Matsumura Family Kobujutsu Home Study Course.

The martial arts of Okinawa include both weapons and empty hand methods of self-defense as inseparable components of these indigenous combative arts. Weapons are an extension of the empty hand techniques. The weapons enhance and strengthen your empty hand performance and develop an understanding in the use of these weapons and enhances your ability to defend against them with empty hand techniques.

The Matsumura Family Kobujutsu Home Study Course is presented in an easy to follow, multi view, narrative walk through, including basic techniques (Kihon Waza) and weapon forms.

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Matsumura Family Kobujutsu Course


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This is the first complete home study course in Matsumura Family Kobujutsu. In this comprehensive program you can now learn the art and earn authentic rank promotions from White through 1st Degree Black Belt, sanctioned by the Matsusoden Kobukan Bujutsu Federation.

The Matsumura Kobujutsu Complete Home Training Course is perfect for beginners who want to learn martial arts for fitness or self-defense, as well as experienced practitioners in other arts who would like to add to their skills. It provides step by step video instruction as well as personal feedback from our staff.

This four volume digital media course is easy to follow, and provides instruction in narration speed, regular speed, and reverse angle. Techniques are shown without a partner to make the information easily retainable.

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Volume I 


Junbi Undo, Hojo Undo, Matsumura Bo Shodan

This volume provides great instruction for the beginning student who wishes to learn the Okinawan Bo (6 Foot Staff). Instruction includes Junbi Undo (handling drills, stances and weapon hand transfers, flips, and spins). Hojo Undo (Basic movements and combinations) and Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques within each kata in four directions) that are the foundation of the art. The Matsumura Bo Shodan kata is demonstrated with a narration walkthrough of the first foundational form of the Matsumura Family Bojutsu system for study and practice.

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Volume II


Matsumura Bo Nidan, Sandan, Chikin No Kon (Tsuken Bo)

This volume continues with the second and third foundational bo kata, Matsumura Nidan and Sandan and the favorite bo kata of O’Sensei Hohan Soken, Chikin no Kon, also known as Tsuken Bo (Japanese). Hohan Soken’s version of Tsuken Bo was taught directly to him by Komesu Ushi, (Bushi Komesu no Tanme 1854-1920) of Nishihara village. Demonstration of the kata at varying speeds and angles along with a narration and walk through are included. Demonstration of the complete 3 Matsumura Bo kata are included with a bonus performance of Matsumura Bo Dai Ichi and completes the bojutsu requirements in this home study course.

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Volume III


Soken No Tonfa Shodan, Soken No Tonfa Nidan


This volume includes detailed instruction in the Matsumura Kobujutsu System of the Okinawan weapon known as the tonfa, tuifa, handled cudgel or PR24 Baton (Police Less Lethal Defense Weapon). Provided in this video are the basic movements, handling, and wielding of the weapon to include the Hojo Undo (handling exercises), Kihon Waza (basic techniques) and the katas Soken no Tonfa Shodan and Soken no Tonfa Nidan. These kata are performed at varying speeds and a narration walk through with varying angles for your study and practice.

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Volume IV


Soken No Sai Shodan, Soken No Sai Nidan

This volume presents the third Okinawan weapon known as the Sai (3 prong truncheon). This is the first metal weapon taught in this series Matsumura Family Kobujutsu. The final two kata will conclude the requirements for black belt certification in Matsumura Kobujutsu. Provided in this video are the basic handling (Hojo Undo), basic techniques (Kihon Waza) for the sai. Demonstrated are the kata Soken No Sai Shodan and Soken No Sai Nidan in varying angles, speeds along with a narration walkthrough for your study and practice.

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Kobujutsu is the ancient art of weapons used for defense of oneself or family. Originated on the Ryukyu Islands of Japan using common farming implements of everyday life in ancient times. Mainly wooden derived weapons are used but there are metal weapons that were used by the Bushi (warrior) class and law enforcement of the times. Kobudo is practiced as a dedicated art form in some schools, however it is an integral part of karate and its practice as the movements of one compliment the other. The two primary styles of bojutsu are the Yamanni Ryu (Aristocratic), Matsumura   and Matayoshi (Farmer) styles. 

Matsusoden Kobukan Kobujutsu is based in Yamanni, Kochinda and Matsumura Ryu stylee concepts and principles of wielding and employing these ancient martial  art forms of self defense.

Ryukyu Kobujutsu is comprised of a collection of various weapons from indigenous and foreign influences made from metal and wood. Each weapon individually is its own art. The weapons forms taught by Matsusoden include:

Rokushaku Bo (6 foot staff)
Tonfa (Wooden Handle)
Nunchaku (Collapsible Staff)
Sai (Three Prong Truncheon)
Eku (Boat Oar)
Nunti Bo (Bo with Affixed Manji Sai)
Tanbo (Short Stick)
Kama (Hand Sickle)


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Matsumura Family Kobujutsu Home Study Course
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