My Shotokan Story - What Started Me On My Path

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My Shotokan Story

(What Got Me Started On My Path)


NOTE: You should understand that my teaching style is often VERY direct. At times, I even use explicit language…which may offend some people. This teaching style often goes against what many people “expect” from a teacher or instructor. And, sometimes this offends what many people in the West call “the Ego”. If this teaching style is NOT for you then I strongly encourage you to find another teacher that better matches your current needs and expectations.

I feel like the disclaimer above is, again, needed for this post. My comments below about Shotokan (and Tae Kwon Do) might anger some folks. They may find those comments to be rude or disrespectful. Please do know that this is NOT my intent. I am not trying to be bombastic. But, I have promised to tell everyone the truth and to NOT deal with any BS. I have also said very clearly that you SHOULD question everything that I say. If my comments anger or upset you, then I challenge you to do the HONEST research behind both systems and see if “your truth” still holds water.

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Shotokan1松濤 – Shoto – translates to “pine waves” and kan – 館 – which translates to “house” or “hall”.…many folks that are familiar with me might be surprised that this was the first martial art that I studied.

(for another time…stay tuned)

Tae Kwon Do Side Kick

Tae Kwon Do Founder

Tae Kwon Do

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Shotokan Karate-do History

Shotokan Founder - Funakoshi Gichin

Funakoshi Gichin

Founder – Shotokan Karate-do

Father of Modern Karate

black belt


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    松濤 – Shoto – translates to “pine waves” and kan – 館 – which translates to “house” or “hall”.

About Michael Davis

Michael Davis
Beginning his martial training almost 50 years ago, Michael Davis has spent almost his entire adult life attempting to internalize, add to and propagate the body of knowledge that makes up the principles and techniques of the life preserving combative arts and sciences. Michael has taught or assisted with the teaching of seminars and events in 17 US states and four countries. In addition to training every day martial artists, he has taught members of the US military as well as law enforcement at every level...from local LEOs to Federal Marshalls and US Secret Service agents (protective detail). He has co-authored a martial arts book, written numerous magazine articles that were published internationally as well as appearing in and assisting with the production of martial arts videos and other training materials.
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