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The only thing we carry with us in eternity are the memories of who we have been, the places we have traveled, and the friends we have met along the Way. It is in the remembering that we become whole; eager to return home once again. Everything else is just baggage we simply forget and leave behind. Kongan

The Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media section is set up to display the martial arts photos that I have with some people you might know (Patrick McCarthy, Yang Jwing Ming, Remy Presas) and some others that you should know. More will be added soon as well as (maybe, still deciding) some non-martial arts related photos that some might find interesting.

Unfortunately, after several moves over the years criss crossing the country and then going through two back to back hurricanes, I lost decades worth of photos that document (in part) the arts that make up the Kodawari Hombu Dojo. I still have hard disk drives that I am slowly going through looking for more. When I find them, I will add them here.

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Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media

Kodawari Hombu Dojo

Sensei Patrick McCarthy
Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Patrick McCarthy Mike Tucker

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Mike Tucker

RIP Mike Tucker ~ 1962 to 2016
You were a great friend, a great instructor and stuck your neck out for me when you didn’t have to.


Kodawari Hombu Dojo Side Note

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Sifu Yang Jwing-Ming (aka Jimmy)

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Yang Jwing Ming

I met Sifu Yang first in either 1990 or 1991 in Houston, TX.  He was a friend of Dr. Wu Chengde (吴诚德医师) who was my acupuncturist for a number of years when I was last living in Houston, TX. Unfortunately, Dr. Wu passed away in August of 2020 at the young age of 91.

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Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Remy Presas


For more information on Modern Arnis and related stick and knife arts taught by the Kodawari Hombu Dojo, please visit this link: Modern Arnis – Stick/Knife Fighting.

Unfortunately, Remy did not leave a clearly defined successorship to Modern Arnis and this cause widespread fracturing within the original organization. This is also why I am not a part of any of the existing organizations that now exist.

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Sensei Terry Thoburn

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Terry Thoburn

(RIP Terry, you will be missed always)


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Hoshinroshiryu Fire Walk

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Hoshinroshiryu Fire Walk

Glenn was awarded the rank of 9th Dan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and was posthumously promoted to Judan (10th Dan) by Hatsumi-Sensei. Glenn developed his Hoshiroshiryu Jutaijutsu system as a means of being able to transmit his knowledge of energetic and other arts that compliment Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, but do not take away from it (for those that don’t know, there have been a “few” instances where folks in that organization went on to found and/or teach other systems and it did not go well). I attained the rank of Sandan (三段) from him as well as hosted as an uchi-deshi from England for several months in the mid 1990’s. The image above was taken at a seminar near Lake Charles, LA and, as a part of the training, we did an actual “fire walk” across hot coals. If you ever want to see someone go from “budo” to “no way”, the fire walk is something that will do it for you! Glenn authored a number of books and was certainly a character in the martial arts world that you really had to know personally to appreciate. He will be missed.

Kodawari Hombu Dojo

Unfortunately, as near as I can tell, Glenn did not leave a clearly defined lineage when he passed and this caused some fracturing within the ryu-ha as far as who would carry on his legacy and teachings.

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Glenn Morris

Rest in Peace Glenn…you were a good friend and Sensei
1944 – 2006
On April 1st 2006, (and how appropriate it was that it was on April Fools Day!) Dr. Glenn J. Morris; founder of the Hoshinroshiryu, passed on from this world. His contributions to the martial arts world will be remembered forever. His teachings live on in the hearts and minds of his students and fans who read his books, followed his advice and explored his expression of the esoteric side of martial and healing arts. Hoshinjutsu, the physical side of his teachings started as an elective gym course at Hillsdale College in Michigan. Through continued study and training he was able to take eastern esoteric concepts and present them in a western perspective. In 1985 Dr. Morris experimented on himself using chinese chi kung practices, godai and hindu energy centers, along with focused visualizations to create a way of achieving a full, permanant kundalini awakening in himself. Over the next few decades he was able to replicate this method for his students and, using us as guinea pigs, perfected a very efficient and quick way to reach this awakening in 12 – 14 months. Glenn’s methods were so effective that he was named Grandmaster of the millennium for his ability to convey eastern esoteric concepts to westerners. In Glenn’s own words ”Enlightenment is a biological process.” The Hoshinbudoryu is dedicated to continuing the martial, meditative and healing methods that made Dr. Morris one of the most interesting martial artists to ever live.

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Sensei Luis Morales

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Sensei Ron Lindsey

Sensei Lindsey (far left in the photo) is a noted martial arts instructor and author and it was great getting to meet him (in the early 1990’s) in San Antonio, TX. At this time, I was able to see some of the very nice Hakutsuru (白鶴) or White Crane that he teaches.

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Sensei George Dillman

George Dillman

With Sensei George Dillman – Back row center

I know that George can be a bit of a polarizing figure in the martial arts world. Please do note that I never trained with him as a student or was I ever a part of the DKI (Dillman Karate International) organization. I did, however, become “phone friendly” with his now ex-wife Kim. My instructor’s instructors did train in Ryukyu Kempo and vital point usage with him at one time (they met on the tournament schedule on the East Coast many years ago). This photo was taken in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s in Houston, TX at a seminar that he (George) was doing. I was told that it would be polite to attend and “make my manners”.

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Sensei Larry Vellucci

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Hanshi Vellucci

I first met Sensei Vellucci online and later in person in April of 2022. Sensei invited me to his Kobukan organization bi-annual get together in Arkansas. He is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable in a wide range of martial arts. Currently, he holds an 8th dan and a hanshi (範士) teaching license in Matsumura Shorin-ryu and Hakutsuru as well as a 4th degree black belt in Okinawan kobudo.

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Sensei Greg Poitras

Kodawari Hombu Dojo Media Greg Poitras


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More Images Coming Soon Kodawari Hombu Dojo

(As soon as I can find them!)