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The following posts are those that we consider to be the most important posts on the site and will be especially useful for those that are new to the Kodawari Hombu Dojo, Sensei Michael Davis and the combative and energetic arts that we teach. You can certainly feel free to browse any posts on the site and we hope that you will! However, these are the important posts that we think you should start with to gain a good grounding in what will be discussed and taught here. Some of the information below does overlap. However, each page is generally created to communicate unique information presented from a different perspective.

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The post above is our “About Us” post and it gives you a bit of a deep dive into the arts that we teach. In particular, Ryusei-ha Ryukyu Kempo Karate-jutsu, Ryusei-ha Ryukyu Kobudo, Ancillary Martial Arts and Studies as well as a more detailed bio of Sensei Michael Davis and his ranks and qualifications.

The post above is a deep dive into Ryusei-ha Ryukyu Kempo Karate-jutsu. This covers, mainly what is taught and the meaning and history of the name we are using as there is quite a bit there.



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